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The Enterprise Evolution™ is here.

Enterprise Evolution

Working with the latest technology on some of the most complex business challenges, our team is inspired every day to deliver advanced technical solutions that make the end user experience simple, enjoyable, intuitive, more effective & productive.

Our vision is to transform the capability of organisations, and close the consumer/business technology gap in a world of rapidly advancing consumer technology.

There is a growing trend – a gap between business technology and the fast progressing consumer technology that is becoming part of our daily routines. We find businesses struggling to keep up, let alone push the boundaries of enterprise technology, and user expectations are ever increasing. A new era of technology has emerged. We call this the Enterprise Evolution™.

Existing traditional enterprise technology is focused too heavily on maintaining and operating that technology and not enough on new strategic development of IT, otherwise known as innovation. By embracing emerging technologies, organisations accelerate their own level of innovation to truly engage with employees and customers, creating highly effective and collaborative results, breaking down information silos within and outside their business. There is clearly an opportunity for businesses to take advantage of the advancements already realised in consumer technology.

Our view is long term, but it all starts with the insight and vision to realign with the pace of consumer technology to take advantage of new services and capability that have never been seen before in the enterprise – a unique and game changing opportunity awaits.

Innovation Centre

The heart of our deliverable is innovation. With that commitment in mind HEDLOC has established a unique Innovation Centre.

Accessible from pretty much anywhere in the world, the HEDLOC Innovation Centre is a specialised rapid prototyping environment built to enable our customers to develop, test and implement their innovative ideas and solve complex business challenges with tools and resources available on demand. Your organisation can leverage this powerful facility to explore and trial these innovative ideas prior to delivering the solutions in production.

Innovation as a Service (IaaS)

There are no limits to enterprise innovation, there are always new ways to push the boundaries and discover a better way of doing things. HEDLOC promotes this innovation, encouraging and enabling organisations to explore ideas often, challenge their viability quickly at minimal cost.

With this in mind HEDLOC have created the methodology for "Innovation as a Service" - IaaS, providing businesses greater access to innovation. Tailored specifically to align with the pace of advancing technology and enable business transformation with reduced risk, time and cost, by taking advantage of new services and capability.

The HEDLOC Innovation Centre is a fundamental element of the HEDLOC Innovation as a Service (IaaS) model. This offering provides a hassle-free, cost-effective environment for businesses to leverage the latest technology and HEDLOC engineering expertise with market leading applications, to turn complex ideas into business reality. HEDLOC can enable your organisation to innovate whilst you focus on keeping the lights on. We believe those organisations who take advantage of innovation initiatives now have a game changing opportunity to transform themselves into market leaders and break away from their competitors.

Transform Your Business

With an appetite for technology, consumers have enthusiastically embraced the rapid pace of innovation into their modern day lives. For the face of business however this transition is not always so simple. The threat of disruption and cost can deter many organisations from making the shift — producing an increasing gap between technology and business consumer adoption.

It is paramount that we embrace technology as it evolves and use it to our advantage, to transition to a better way of achieving effective outcomes, in our day to day lives and in the way we do business.

Inspired Achievers

Inspired Achievers recognise that the IT industry is rapidly evolving and understand the need to utilise advances in technology. They are motivated to shift the way they do business in order to streamline operations, free up resources, improve access to information and grow their organisation.

Industry Leaders

Industry Leaders are aware of the rapid advances in consumer technology and the need to evolve with it. They are actively seeking to bridge the business/consumer technology gap, unlock massive business value, break away from their competitors and take their organisation to the next level.

Ground Breakers

Already an Industry Leader, Ground Breakers are inspired to innovate, stay ahead of the curve and leverage the latest technology to propel their organisation into the enterprise evolution.

Where do you want the future of your business to be?